Dawn Thunder ~ #002 July 2014 – Haiga and Haibun

Melody Rain.jpg

Melody Dawn


a relatively mild storm. a few trees down. here. and there. branches. limbs. a deck chair. overturned. in the night.

the first rain begins to fall. splattering the deck. short. hard. bursts. and still the pre-dawn light. begins to pick out shapes. silhouettes. pinecones. pitch pine. the far pond shore mass. the deck railing. against the lighter sky. and pond.

the faintest rose gray. at the eastern cove end. of Goose Pond. blends. seamlessly. into the blue and thunder gray. of the long. western sky.

a light wind comes whooing. through pine. maple. and oak. escalating. descending. a musical scale. this sound. a waterfall breeze. drifts. dripping. falling. into silence.

rain begins to spatter. even harder this time. suddenly. rolling. into a shattering. crush. of water. that is spent. quickly.

dark birds fly. over the pond. erratic. against and with. the wind. twisted wings.

the light expands.

one bird. attempts. a long. solo. call. then the silence. filling. with distant rumble. ever closer now. the thunder.

doorstep thunder
against the melody rain
summer dawn


Digital Drawing and Painting

  • 8 x 12 Inches @ 300 ppi
  • iPad 2
  • Zen Brush App
  • Procreate App 
  • ArtStudio App


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