This First Dawn ~ #016 June 2014 – Haiga and Haibun for #FWF Free Write Friday: Image Prompt—Campfire

©14 Moth Flame 2 sml 6x


Magnetic Flicker


attracted. by flame.

au pair. runaway. 

campfire flicker. in her eyes.

she turns to stare. defiant. daggers. across the flames. wild. hair. forgotten. tear tracks. long down her face.


I’m the last. uncoupled. 

the beach. strewn. with pairs. and kisses. 

we split the silence. her side. my side. flames between. until the dawn. 

rising. she walks. unsteady. into gull cries. and a fragile life. without a word.

rising. without a word. I follow. 

she turns. waits. 


in the silence before dawn
a moth to the flame


Digital Drawing and Painting

  • 8 x 12 Inches @ 300 ppi
  • iPad 2
  • Zen Brush App
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 12

My response to the #FWF Free Write Friday Image Prompt: Campfire for June 27, 2014 on Kellie Elmore’s dotcom blog.

Haiga and Haibun are two of the many Haiku and Related Forms in the field of poetry.

Moth is also a kigo (season word) for summer.

  • Haibun is prose or poetry (other than haiku) plus one or more haiku.
  • Haiga is image which includes haiku as part of the image—image and haiku as one work.


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