Ragged Summer #019 May 2014 Haiga and Haibun for Sunday Photo Fiction

©14 Ragged Summer 6 sml 6x




I spend hours attempting to learn the secrets.

hand positions. leveling. pivoting. angles. how to hold. and read. the points of my compass. it’s different than the one shown in the book. or used to demonstrate. an older model. it still works. I have to visualize the lines. that are built. into the newer models. 

the secret is. it’s simple. and it’s already known. I just don’t know that I know it.

my twelve year old mind works at the puzzle. visualizing becomes easy. 

the compass sits for years in a desk.

then I set out.

wind direction. tacking. the sandy shore bump. and halting glide. as I pull up the centerboard. on the sunfish. 

sunlit wing flash among the oak. and scrub pine. the caw of a crow. 

a map. direction. coordinates. paces. and pacing. the hunt for treasure. pleasure. a cache. I stop. the new technology. GPS. an iPad. iPhone. satellites. 

can this be right? yes. fun. refiguring. recalculate. unpuzzling the clues. 

mud. and muck. mosquitoes. summer heat arrives. and the musky sent of snow flattened leaves.

oh. discovery. I leave a finding mark. an altered playing card. the jack of diamonds. my calling card.

ah. Geocaching.

ragged summer
the scent of damp leaves
my midday compass



Altered Photograph

  • 8 x 12 Inches @ 300 ppi
  • Digital Drawing and Painting
  • Nikon D80 Digital Camera
  • Photoshop Elements 12

This is my response to the Sunday Photo Fiction photo May 25, 2014 prompt.

My response is in the form of haiga and haibun. Two of the many Haiku and Related Forms in the field of poetry.

  • Haibun is prose or poetry (other than haiku) plus one or more haiku.
  • Haiga is image which includes haiku as a part of the image—image and haiku as one work.



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