Unfinished Postcards ~ #011 May 2014 – Haibun for Red Wolf Poems Prompt #212 – Polishing Silver

©14 Four Bird Ku Postcards 1 sml 6x


Unfinished—Or Extending My Pattern


Four unfinished postcards. I have eight that are in a state about like these. I’m not sure where I’ll go on them from here although I have the next steps in mind. When I’ll begin those steps I don’t know. I started these in 2013. They have been in a pile waiting my return.

Silver to be polished in painting as well as in words.

I (too) usually work through things that I don’t feel are right until they become the way I want them. It’s hard to let go until I have it the way I like it. I find I like that process. Sometimes I let something sit for a while so I can come back to it with a fresh eye. I do this when time permits. I’m excited to continue, I just know I need to be able to read the words that are there and not what I thought I put there. I’ve found a little time distance helps that part of the process. I prefer to work this way because I bring work to completion when I’m excited to complete it rather than when I have to get it finished. I’ve learned I usually like the end result better this way.

With haiku I often have a few to several to many variations on the thought/idea/insight/inspiration. Lines and words. Phrases that may work. Alternate orderings. I keep working until I like what is happening with the haiku.

In 2011 I worked on a chapbook. One poem from a prompt or not, for each day of November. For a while I had a couple versions of a few of these poems. I thought I could use one of those for this Polishing Silver prompt. When I looked, I found I’d already reworked everything into (what I considered) a finished version. Did I print the chapbook? No. Will I? Heck if I know. Maybe. Someday.

I’ve now spent some time going through work to find something that did not in some way become something finished. It’s just not how I work now.

I’m reasonably sure most of what I do that I consider to be finished could be improved. Occasionally haiga I have posted contain haiku that suddenly I see could be done in a different way and I’d like it better. Usually I do not go back and change it—although occasionally I will. When it’s a typo I am more likely to go back and change it.

So what do I do now?

I could go paint. Or I could finish these thoughts with haiku. Which would move this writing into the haibun form. . . .

What I’ve discovered is that my creative process works for me as it is. And as I often indicated it revolves around fun. I think there is value and validity in attempting a different process. Exploring in this way is a good thing. Right now for me I need to continue in my own way. I’m much more apt to keep working this way. And I suspect, in the end, that is the goal.

this dry breeze
on the first day of summer
I water bonsai


Mixed Media Postcards

  • Each Postcard 6 x 4 Inches
  • Winsor & Newton Cotman 140 lbs. Watercolour Paper
  • Watercolor
  • Acrylic
  • Graphite
  • (temporary digital copyright for posting purposes)

My response to Prompt #212 – Polishing Silver May 15, 2014 on the Red Wolf Poems blog.

My response is in the form of haibun. One of the many Haiku and Related Forms in the field of poetry. It does not directly follow the prompt as set up—however, it reflects my attempt to do so.

  • Haibun is prose or poetry (other than haiku) plus one or more haiku.
  • Haiga is image which includes haiku as a part of the image—image and haiku as one work.



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