Dream Segments ~ #008 May 2014 – Haiga and Haibun for Sunday Photo Fiction

©14 My Reflection Shadow 2 sml 6x


Portrait of a Dream


Head: ahead. the head. of a snake. of a committee. of a bank. of a river. steelhead. mind trap. I return to meditation. 

Breast: abreast. robin red. nest. nest-ling. maternal. nestle-ing. nursing. sensual. flow. a river. of white. milk. flowing.

Hips: hip. hipster. hip-hop. slang. slung. far flung. open. to the breeze. sailing. over the river. Styx. of night. the ace. of night.

Thighs: the arrow. the archer. Sagittarius. the stars. far flung. in the night. I wish. upon a star. the river. of stars. this universe.

Feet: inches. yards. standing. to stand. to run. through yards. shoeless. barefoot. barefoot summer. down. by the river. in the sand.

portrait of a dream. a blue. segmented. dream. I wake. from one reality. into. another reality. all one. the all-one. reality. the all-one-reality. dream shadows.

perception. the proportions. of a dream: Balance. Symmetry. Light. Void. Beyond.

my reflection
in ten thousand rivers
the universe

the soul. the spirit. that which moves. beyond. the dream. returns. to guide me. each night. the little sleep. a thousand rivers. toward. flowing. into. the big sleep. ten thousand rivers. this cycle. each cycle. the keys. to this. that. great. beyond. the greatness-of-beyond. the. greatness. of. beyond. 

in ten thousand rivers
my reflection



Altered Photograph

  • 8 x 12 Inches @ 300 ppi
  • Digital Drawing and Painting
  • Nikon D80 Digital Camera
  • Photoshop Elements 12

This is my response to the Sunday Photo Fiction photo May 11, 2014 prompt.

My response is in the form of haiga and haibun. Two of the many Haiku and Related Forms in the field of poetry.

Haibun is prose or poetry (other than haiku) plus one or more haiku.

Haiga is image which includes haiku as a part of the image—image and haiku as one work.



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