Arrival ~ #012 March 2014 – Haiga/Haibun for #FWF Free Write Friday: Time and Place

©14 Horizon and Sky 2 sml 6x


Abandoned within Arrival


Kafka makes a sound. letting me know. a soft whining. playfully. impatient. shuffle. her feet. white socks with black ankle fades. over a reverse brindle coat. she lets me know. she is here. time for a treat.

it’s always time for a treat. when i wake.

waking like this. sudden. a surprise. this surprise too. fortunate. to see a soft glow. an ultramarine blue. calendar. and unfortunate. there is no epoch reference. for the year. or in this case. a millennial reference. BC. or CA. or Ice Shift 7. for instance. 1682. simply becomes. a number. in a galaxy. of numbers.

no doubt. an old ship. the navigational walls. are stationary. outside of the dream. ships last for centuries. with minimal maintenance. even abandoned ships last. and now. always with provisions. maybe a thousand years. one of the rules. for abandoning. fully stocked. fully tooled. in case of survivors. in the future. Codex 1704-IS4. with way indicators. for entering.

no problem. in a dream.

i have no idea. where there might be. a treat. for Kafka. the sunlight above. looks promising. we move upward. on stationary risers. that uncurl. into stairs.

the ship hovers. over a darkening sea. i watch palm trees. birds settling.

hand open. extended. i ask for my gift.

my breath is normal. i awaken. Kafka asleep.

this calm
between horizon and sky
birds settle

Altered Photograph

  • 8 x 12 Inches @ 300 ppi
  • Digital Drawing and Painting 
  • Nikon D80 Digital Camera
  • Perfect Effects 8
  • Photoshop Elements 12

This is my (slightly edited) response to the #FWF Free Write Friday March 28, 2014 time and place prompt, found on Kellie Elmore’s Blog:

“You find yourself in the lower level of an old ship. A calendar on the wall says 1682. There is a small window, and the view is nothing but open sea and a setting sun. There is a staircase and you can see daylight at the top…”


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