Being Self and Unself ~ #012 February 2014 – Haiga/Haibun Thinking Week #6: Literature Prompt (and a NaHaiWriMo Note)

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Self and Unself


this one who touches stones and watches sky.

this one who curbs fire and moves water.

who speaks to the universe in our own language which is not always the language of the universe. or even my language of the universe. and listens only too often, to mistake the reply. as silence and compliance.

that one? am I that one?

this one often forgetting the inner language of our own being.

who struggles with past and future while misplacing the present as minor, yet knowing now to be the only moment there is.

this one who learns from the past and so often forgets what is learned and known and must know and learn again in the now future.

this one who plans for a future that will never exist, yet forms the limitations I will live within tomorrow.

that one?

this one lost within opposites while holding both to be valid.

this one so easily conflicted. absorbed. by our own oppositeness.

this one capable of choice. and anger and compassion. emotion and intelligence. wounding and healing. misunderstanding and understanding. acts of unkindness and kindness. remorse and regret and joy and celebration. as well as being and becoming unspiritual and spiritual. and searching. 

that one?


and more?

yes and more.

and less?

yes and less.

that self and unself being one.

that one. 

I am.

this self and unself being. that is perfect in imperfection. in the condition of being human.

this self and unself being that is an element. a link. to and from and within all others. all creatures and beings. and the all of the universe. that one.

I am that perfect self. and unself. the self and unself of being. of all. and more. of all. and less. in this one. as we all are. in the many. of us all. and each. in our own self and unself. this one.

I am. we are. this self and unself. this. one.


written and unwritten

the wordless name of each leaf

earth and sky


February 26, 2014

Kailua, Hawaii


Altered Digital Photograph

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Haibun Thinking: Week #6 – February 25, 2014. My response to the Literature Prompt:

Today you are you!

That is truer than true!

There is no one alive

who is you-er than you!

~ Dr Seuss

I arrived at this haibun/writing prose (if that is what it actually is) through three writings. The first was too long (imo) although technically I suppose it would be okay. The second was a condensed and modified version of the first (it rambled a little less). Both of these rumbled around what I seemed to be trying to get at with my response. I then began the third writing, which is the one I’ve posted (above). The third, although different than the first two, seemed an attempt to address the same issue that was brought up in me by the prompt quote; which is: although it is true that I am the most me of anyone alive, Who am I? 


NaHaiWriMo ~ National Haiku Writing Month NOTE:

Although I now have some ability to post (after a few days of battling the net-access Monster), I’m still having net access issues. Which I hope to have more satisfactorily resolved by early March. At that time (or shortly there after) I intend to post the remaining days of my haiku for Michael Dylan Welch’s NaHaiWriMo (National Haiku Writing Month) which can be followed on Facebook 


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