Brief Notes ~ #003 February 2014 – Haiga/Haibun Phoneography: Macro Challenge; A Review of My Haiga Book: This Is Not That ~ They Are Just Connected; NaHaiWriMo Haiku ~ Days 5 through 9

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An Era of Notes

posted yesterday. and the day before. a thousand words. a yard sale. a garage sale. a moving sale. missing cats. dogs. birds. even children. have you seen? telephone numbers. addresses. this party and that way. first birthday. bachelor and bachelorette. anniversary. potluck. game-day celebration. and the memories go on. do i read these notes? do you? did you? do you when you are not even looking for them? or when you are? 1,000 more feet, turn right. beach party. graduation party. home coming. puppies for sale. kittens for sale. roller-blades for sale. 

twitter on a post. i don’t have a twitter account. i know about twitter because it seeps into the news, the net, blogs, emails, business cards, commercials, advertisements. and there it is again. popping up. with a hash tag. that mark that used to mean number. does it still mean number sometimes? 

the world changes. my world changes. your world changes. the world i was raised to live in no longer exists. did it ever? if i had a twitter account i could tweet that. layers of history in a sentence or less, a phrase. and the the notes rattle on. each fence post. telephone pole. bulletin board. or maybe not so much now. the marks left behind by these postings remain for years, decades. perhaps a century some day. 

each time i pass, i wonder what this nail held? this staple. that tack. the old into the new. the planet i was raised to live on. 


an age

of posting brief notes

old school twitter


Altered Phone Camera Photograph;

  • 8 x 12 Inches @ 300 ppi
  • LGA340 (Very Basic) Digital Phone Camera
  • Digital Drawing and Painting
  • Perfect Effects 4
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 12

My response to the Lens and Pens by Sally blog Phoneography Challenge—Macro, the Phone as Your Lens: 2014, February 10, 2014. The theme or focus for the 2nd Monday of each month is Macro.

On her Writing/Poetry blog, Gabrielle Bryden has reviewed my book of haiga, This Is Not That ~ They Are Just Connected. The book is also linked up here on this blog in the sidebar where you can view the first 15 pages with a click or two. It is available through Blurb. Gabrielle connects to the world from Australia where she explores a number of topics through photography as well as her writing. As an artist/writer—and human being, I enjoy the sense and appreciation of life Gabrielle explores on her blog.

I am again taking part in Michael Dylan Welch’s NaHaiWriMo (National Haiku Writing Month). I remain Facebookless and as a result I may not always use the excellent, challenging and fun-provoking prompts he provides—which are optional. Sometimes I find them and play with them of course. I intend to post my daily haiku as I post, which means I may post several days together in one post, as I’m doing here. These haiku are from the days as indicated although they may not represent all I write on these days. 



National Haiku Writing Month Feb. 2014

1 ku per day or more.



BUMP is the prompt for Feb. 5, 2014 


rain bumps

frozen this morning

on the windshield


(yes I remember these days)





I begin to listen to the night

without winter rain




a warm breeze

in the corner shadows

winter recedes





BATTERY is the prompt for Feb. 6, 2014 


the flash icon 

for my mouse battery

a midwinter pause




this warm breeze

a spring memory






BOX is the prompt for Feb. 7 , 2014 


box marker

the full snow moon

on my calendar





BOUNCE is the prompt for Feb. 8, 2014 


palm fronds bounce

through the winter sunlight

this wind





BELIEF is the prompt for Feb. 9, 2014


seed catalogs

with my winter tea

a belief in spring



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