Silent Trucks ~ #008 January 2014 – Haiga/Shotgunning/Haibun—#FWF

©14 Silent Trucks 3 sml 6x



silent trucks

the plaintive call of a nestling

in winter


Altered Photograph

  • 8 x 12 Inches @ 300 ppi
  • Digital Drawing and Painting
  • Nikon D80 Digital Camera
  • Perfect Effects 4
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 12

January 17, 2015 8:49 AM Shotgunning for #FWF Free Write Friday:  O me! O life! on Kellie Elmore’s Blog (unedited).

Silent Trucks

my free verse. what is interesting is that i know this kind of writing as shotgun writing. at one time i was good at it. i could sit for an hour or more and write none stop. it could be on a theme or just what flows through my skull. i like that. i like a lot of things. life. okay most of life. and the flow in my head doesn’t stop. it switches. but it’s always on. maybe the closest thing to a stop is meditation. another good thing, imo. back to the moment however. now. is moring. i’m tired. i often do not get a lot of sleep. that’s okay because i can get more work (play, my real work is play of course) going, started. middled. or finished. as in pau (a hawaiian word meaning finished as in ready—and useful in many ways). back to my veerse? maybe. it’s a verse of sounds

the garbage trucks that pick up on surrounding streets. it isn’t garbage day tho. it’s green recycling day. i dont put that stuff out. because i use it. over the trucks the sounds of birds and the cool breeze that drifts around my legs. it’s not unpleasant. a little chilly. th e sun is out. it’s likely to warm up later. it’s 8:55. i forgot to mark my start time. which was about 8:49. as this is untamed i won’t worry about it. uh-oh. i will have to change this writing system. untamed is supposed to be un-timed. yes, i make up words sometimes. untimed. usually (at least i believe) they are understandable in some context. so the trucks are dominating the sound right now. and they are blocks away. it would take me 10-15 minutes to walk to where they are. however if a crow flew. and i followed that path. or could. it would take me 30 to 100 seconds (i’m guessing) to walk there. it’s the odd pattern of the streets. life. an odd pattern of streets. with the sound of garbage trucks and birds. and a dog. was that a dog barking? maybe. maybe not too. the heavy clunk of bigs stuff going in the truck. and still i hear birds. coo. and caw. and thin tweeening. ah. and now a dog. it’s a warning-to-head-of-the-pack alert bark. in this case the head of the pack is usually a human. oh. it’s 9:01 i think i was going to stop at 9:00. so i will. 

is this free verse? what is wanted? for fwf? heck if i know at this point. it’s just fun to try.

and. my thinking is. this is conducive to haibun. a haikuandrelatedforms form. that i like. so i will add a ku. altho that may take a moment of letting go of the continuous write patter. 


the trucks compete

with winter bird chatter 

dog alert


okay. that’s a quick and raw ku. working it, i know i can do better. it’s only 9:05 tho so it didn’t take long. i’m not a fast writer. or typer. and i’m a very slow reader. that’s why i have to keep reading. okay, okay. i like reading. and that’s why i keep reading too. wait. that’s not it. it’s that i like what reading does for me. opens me up. sends me off. wows me. you know. the usual. life. fun. okay okay okay. stop already.

this isn’t really verse tho. is it? no. prose. yes. i like poetic prose. and there is very little in this. surprise. it’s okay for a first day. but days and days of this will bring better and better material. that’s what is fun about shotgunning. it plops down material. and if one sentence, line, phrase word coupling resonates with me later. wow. i got one. it’s like fishing. wow. i got one. and sometimes i get a bigger one. but like with going fishing. gone fishing. the reason we go fishing is not to catch fish. it’s to go fishing. 


the neighbor’s voice

a telephone call in my ear

that stops me


the trucks are silent

the plaintive call of a nestling



silent trucks

a nestling’s plaintive call

in winter


truck silence

a nestling’s plaintive call

in winter


9:15 AM

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