Crow Deep—This Reflective Silence ~ #016 December 2013 – Haibun/Haiga


Reflective Silence

the morning sun floats above Goose Pond. the sky a blank blue canvas. I step outside, into a massive light reflection bouncing through trees.

black movement flashes up toward me and suddenly veers off to the right. two crows sound their alarm caw.

unseen, I know the larger murder of crows is there, listening, watching. they remain silent, unmoving. patient.

I watch the sentries disappear through the trees. the silence remains.

a few moments later I begin to explore flow-piles of orange-brown pine needles that have collected around chair and table legs and in sheltered corners on the deck. I pick up a fallen pitch pine cone and a twig and the silence remains intact.

scrub pine winter
across the sea sand forest
the black call of crows

Digital Drawing and Painting
6.5 x 4.5 Postcard Size
Zen Brush App
ArtStudio App
iPad 2

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