A Gigantic Confidence Trick ~ #011 December 2013 – Haiku and Related Forms. A Faux CD Cover by Dismemberment

©13 A Gigantic Confidence Trick 2 sml 6x



Faux CD/Album Cover: 

A Gigantic Confidence Trick (with Track Title Haiku)

by Dismemberment (a Faux Haiku-ist)



a season of now

in this following light

a leaf trophy


Altered Photograph

Encountering a Band and CD/Album Cover challenge—of course I had to have fun. This is my response to a Band and CD/Album Cover Game/Challenge found on Steve’s Blog.

As I have issues with copyright and image use, I looked over images the process led me to and zeroed in on one—then I found an image from my own photos that I felt had elements which related to the image that was not mine. In this way I’ve used my own photograph for my Faux CD/Album Cover and avoided using someone else’s image (which was a snowboarder in mid air, flying upside down). 


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