Water Planet ~ #003 December 2013 – Haibun

©13 Water Planet 1 sml 6x



Planet Cycles


I catch raindrops on my tongue

and my childhood comes back

to me. Popsicle stick boats float

down the stream that runs by

my house.


A temporary pond in the grass.


I wonder

how many times

this piece of water

has fallen?


childhood clouds

in each water droplet

the sky


Altered Photograph

This is my response to the Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ Lexicon Week—to use one of two words in our work: Water or Order.   

The leaf is from a papaya tree—one of several papaya trees I have planted in the yard. I find the leaf fascinating. Rain on them appeals to me a lot too. 

My personal definition of Haibun is a combination of a wide range of prose and/or poetry (other than haiku) coupled with one or more haiku all as one work. I like to create with my own visual, so for me I like to combine image with the words all as one work. I’ve also taken to the practice of titling my haibun. This is different than my approach to haiku on it’s own, however it is common in some haibun thinking. 

My haiku is in the form now referred to as “modern haiku”. This form does not follow some of the concepts I was taught as a child—such as a syllable count of 5-7-5 over three lines. It remains however a count of seventeen or fewer, syllables. In many ways modern haiku adheres to concepts that are more consistent with and perhaps closer to the values of traditional haiku while allowing for our current world as it is. 


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