Star Dusk ~ #002 December 2013 – Haiga

©13 Starlight Dusk 1 sml 6x



starlight dusk

in the deep forest

I stop in awe


Altered Photograph

This is my response to Bastet’s Pixelventures: December 3, 2013 challenge/call which centers around preparations for celebration at this time of year.   

This photo was taken Sunday on a day trip up to the North Shore (the island of Oahu, Hawaii). It was among the trees at one of the stops on the way. Even in the rain I found the ornaments dazzling—almost mesmerizing.

My haiku is in the form now referred to as “modern haiku”. This form does not follow some of the concepts I was taught as a child—such as a syllable count of 5-7-5 over three lines. It remains however a count of seventeen or under, syllables. In many ways modern haiku adheres to concepts that are more consistent with and perhaps closer to the values of traditional haiku while allowing for our current world as it is. 

Haiga ~ is haiku within image as one work. 

As I see it in haiga the image is more than an illustration of the haiku and the haiku is more than a description of the visual that is apparent in the image. There is however a connection between the two that is enhanced by their relationship together in the work.

In addition, both the image and the haiku of haiga are able to stand alone, independent of each other, each remaining a strong work. Together as haiga, along with a visual balance, they each offer something new or different to the other—a greater understanding or an alternative perspective or an intensifying of the moment possibly.

This is the ideal I work toward in my haiga. Sometimes I succeed in these things. Sometimes I do not. For me, it is way fun to try. Aloha—Rick

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