Motorcycle and Walking ~ #007 November 2013 – Haibun

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What Did I Know at Eighteen



When the first snow fell I rode carefully. 

Late in the day, after school, the street 

was damp with wet snow. Rounding 

a corner my rear wheel flew out from 

under me. I slid to the curb with one leg 

under the bike. 


Now I know, I thought, why I see so few 

motorcycles on the road in winter.


I stood the bike up. I rode home with even

more care after that. 


Snow and motorcycle is solved by walking.



the last autumn ride

before sunlight turns to snow

my eighteenth birthday



Digital Photograph


This is my response to the Ligo Haibun Challenge for Nov. 15-22, 2013

and the quote:

“It is solved by walking.” – Algerian Proverb

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