Encounter ~ for Carpe Diem Late Autumn Kigo #307, Kari (goose) – Haiga

©13 Nene Goose Encounter 4 sml 6x



nene in the stubble

this look between us



Altered Photograph


The Nene Goose (Ne rhymes with hay— Nene/nay-nay)  is the state bird of Hawaii. It is also considered endangered. They are protected, cared and accounted for in many ways, which is why many are banded (the leg bands which can be clearly seen in the image).

My response to prompt #307, Kari (goose) for the Carpe Diem September 2013 prompts, which are centered around traditional “kigo” or “season words” for autumn. Kari (goose) is a late autumn kigo.

September on Carpe Diem has been divided into three different seasons of traditional autumn kigo: Early Autumn, Mid Autumn and Late Autumn. The informative prompt and responses to this prompt can be found on the Carpe Diem Blog.

You are invited to respond to these prompts as well.

Have fun. Explore haiku. Aloha—Rick

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