Bundle Broom ~ for Carpe Diem Late Autumn Kigo #305, Warazuka (straw bundles) – Haiga

©13 Bundle Broom Straw 5 sml 6x



bundle broom

for their home each autumn

he collects the straw


Digital Drawing and Painting

On one of my walks from about half a block away, I spotted a man picking up what I thought was debris from his yard. As I approached I could see he was being very selective about what he picked up. Something must have spilled, I thought. Closer still I could see that he’d pick something up and add it to what he held in his other hand—a bundle of twigs. Or actually as I said hello, I could see it was the leaf stem from a specific tree he was gathering. He held a bundle in one hand and was selectively choosing more to add to his bundle. 

This tree has a leaf system with one long straight to slightly curved stem with maybe 6-8 leaves branching out on each side in pairs. When the tree sheds leaves in autumn the entire stem drops and each leaf drops from the stem as well. This leaves the stem as a tough semi-flexible twig-like fiber. It’s about 10 to maybe 12 inches or more sometimes in length. 

These stems were being collected by my neighbor for his wife he said. “She likes to sweep the leaves from the path with it.” So each autumn he collected and made a number of these hand brooms, which he sometimes attached handles to as well. It is a little tougher than straw but a little shorter in length and works quite well. 

My response to prompt #305, Warazuka (straw bundles) for the Carpe Diem September 2013 prompts, which are centered around traditional “kigo” or “season words” for autumn. Warazuka (straw bundles) is a late autumn kigo.

 September on Carpe Diem has been divided into three different seasons of traditional autumn kigo: Early Autumn, Mid Autumn and Late Autumn. The informative prompt and responses to this prompt can be found on the Carpe Diem Blog.

You are invited to respond to these prompts as well.

Have fun. Explore haiku. Aloha—Rick

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