Harvest Moonrise ~ for Carpe Diem Mid Autumn Kigo #301, Meigetsu (harvest moon, the full moon of September) – Haiga

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harvest moon

at the end of my street

wider than the street


A childhood September memory:

In the early evening, rising from the spot on center of the street a block and a half away, the moon stopped me in my tracks . The golden-yellow-orange moon rose, at the end of my street—wider than the street. It was still light out although the sun was almost down. I looked around. I was looking for someone. I thought I should call out to someone so they could see it too because I didn’t know how to speak words to anyone so that they could understand what I was seeing.


Altered Photograph



An alternate to this first haiku is:


harvest moon

at the end of my street

wider than my street


I like the double “my street” in this case because it places a different emphasis on being there on “my street”.  I created haiga of both versions (the same image). In a month or two it may become clear which I prefer. 

A second haiku:


wheat dust

the filtered moonlight

of harvest moon


A childhood memory: 

Growing up in the wheat country of Eastern Washington State.

My response to prompt #301, Meigetsu (harvest moon, the full moon of September) for the Carpe Diem September 2013 prompts, which are centered around traditional “kigo” or “season words” for autumn.  Meigetsu (harvest moon, the full moon of September) is a mid autumn kigo.

September on Carpe Diem has been divided into three different seasons of traditional autumn kigo: Early Autumn, Mid Autumn and Late Autumn. The informative prompt and responses to this prompt can be found on the Carpe Diem Blog.

You are invited to respond to these prompts as well.

Have fun. Explore haiku. Aloha—Rick

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