Golden Bee August ~ #003 August 2013; Haibun

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Golden Bee August


the leaf tips of the orange and lime—two trees in my backyard, are inches apart. I see no blossoms on these trees in the August dawn, yet there is the hum of bees. I step closer.  in the space between the trees a golden bee hovers. it faces one tree, then rotating, the other, pausing for a second or more, watching each tree. it zooms a short distance up into the orange tree pausing to float among branches. facing this way, then that way, an inch up, an inch or two down, again and again it moves with speed then hovers, rotates, watches, floats. not once does it land. it moves back to it’s original position facing one tree, then rotates 180 degrees in position, to face the other tree. feet dangling it moves, feet up it moves, feet dangling between the two trees and back again, all within a foot or two at most the entire time. over the space of several minutes the golden been does this, varying slightly it’s path and pattern, yet repeating the quick patterns of flight, pause and float, as if fixing something in memory. suddenly it zigzags in a spiral off over my head into the distance and I wonder what the heck that golden bee was watching? what the heck was I watching?


golden bee

between lime and orange tree

back and forth it turns


Digital Drawing and Painting

Haibun ~ The combination of prose or poetry (other than haiku) coupled with one or more haiku as a single work. In my version of haibun I create the work—including image, all as a single unit. 

This haibun is a result of wondering about in my backyard shortly after dawn a few days ago—August 2013, Kailua Hawaii. 

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