Summer Grain (#001 July 2013) ~ Postcard Ku

©13 Summer Grain 5 sml 6x



grain fields ripen

under the white moon



Digital Drawing and Painting

My growing up years were in an area where a lot of grain is grown. The grain fields changed over the growing season from waves of emerald and blue greens to golden browns and white yellows.

At many levels and in many countries the word Ku is a currently accepted English variation of the word Haiku. 

In July, I will be working on several projects (which may or may not reach completion in July)—among them a book of my postcards, a kid art project and some other things that float in and out of my day. I may post to the blog a little less often than my posting was in June although I will still be working and creating around my art. 

Have fun. Explore haiku—and other outer world life—as well as inner worlds. Aloha—Rick


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