A Cycle of Breath ~ for the Ligo Haibun Challenge Special: June 21st-28th 2013

©13 A Cycle of Breath 2 sml6x


A Cycle of Breath


I stand within the golden center. Around me 

a ring of heat walks. In celebration. 

Anticipation. The resolution of future and past

in now. I offer my inner self from the core which connects 

all beings to each other through the universe of light and life. 

Transformation begins. The moments 

begin. The reign of cycles on earth 

renews. Begins. Again. A step. The dance. 

A stance in the place of all things. 

I let go.  


the lightness of air

in the golden touch of sky

a hand


Two Photograph Haibun Inspiration 

The two photographs were provided in the post by the Ligo Haibun Challenge where the rules of the challenge are also found. If my use of the photographs here is inappropriate please let me know and I will take the post down.

This is my response to the Ligo Haibun Challenge. Aloha—Rick

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