Word Glow ~ for Carpe Diem’s Tan Renga Challenge #001, with Jane Reichhold

©13 Word Glow 4 sml6x



scattered in sand

embers of a saltwood fire

face to face with stars


the glow of our words

in the sea of night


Tan Renga—a two link chain

First three line link—Jane Reichhold

Second two line link—Rick Daddario

This is my first attempt at Renga. I  question whether I have the appropriate association that is characteristic of Tan Renga between the first and second link. Of course, this is how I learn too. Fun.

As I understand it, permission has been given for this use of Jane’s initial haiku in this post (if this is incorrect, please let me know).  Thank you, Jane. Because I did not have permission to include her haiku in a visual work I’ve used only my part of the Tan Renga in the image.

Digital Drawing and Painting

My response to Carpe Diem’s Tan Renga Challenge #001, with Jane Reichhold ~ June 2013.

The informative challenge and responses to this challenge can be found on the Carpe Diem Blog.

You are invited to respond as well.

Have fun. Explore haiku. Aloha—Rick

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