The Sound of a Cat ~ Response for Ku On This KOT #020–2013 ~ Page 32 GJ (and) Buried Haiku for NaPoWriMo

©13 Page 32 GJ 1 with Ku 2 sml6x



no longer a child

her steps from the orchard

the sound of a cat


Digital Mixed Media

My response to Ku On This prompt #020–2013 ~ Page 32 GJ – To Create Found Poetry Haiku and buried haiku for NaPoWriMo. 

My contribution to the National Poetry Writing Month and Day 24 is haiku buried within prose, a slight departure from the optional prompt “. . . . words buried in your own name.” for NaPoWriMo—April 2013.

Watch for KOT prompt #021—2013 to be posted later this week. 


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