Ku On This: KOT# 020–2013 ~ Page 32 GJ – To Create Found Poetry Haiku

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Ku On This: Page 32 GJ which is from the book Gentle Julia by Booth Tarkington with a copyright that has expired as I understand it (1922).

Focus: Use a cross-out technique similar to the one shown in this (click here) Altered Book Page post (there are two links in this post to additional samples of this technique) or explore the words on this page to create your own haiku. 

If you’d like to work directly on this Page 32 GJ image, email me within the next week at: 

19planets at gmail dot com 

with the subject line – Page 32 GJ Request – and I will send you this image in the file size I have used here (I reduce it to 70% of that file size once I’ve uploaded it to WP). 

Ku On This prompts are usually posted once a week between Tuesday and Friday. Sometimes they include a “Focus”, sometimes they do not. 

You are welcome and invited to play Ku On This. 

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Ku On This prompts are intended to explore haiku and of course have fun. In that sense your response to the Ku On This prompt does not have to be in the form of haiga, which I often explore as well. In fact you do not have to write haiku to respond at all.  

How you respond and how your response connects up to the Ku On This prompt is up to you: short form poetry, flash writing, 55 word short story, remembrance writing, shot-gun writing, a photo response, drawing, doodle, digital drawing and painting, watercolor are all fine (a few of the ways you can respond—and have fun).

Information and background for Ku On This can be found by clicking the page link in the navigation bar (above).

Be fun. Write haiku. Aloha

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