Altered Book Page: Found Poetry Haiku; White Kitten ~ For NaPoWriMo Day 15

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a little cream

white kitten asleep upon her porch

opened his eyes


Altered Book Page 

My contribution to the National Poetry Writing Month Day 15 has drifted away from the daily prompt. I’ve gone with an altered book page using digital technology and the idea of “found” poetry for NaPoWriMo—April 2013. 

This area of found poetry is a process often used in Altered Book projects. It’s also used in various writing circles, particularly for poetic creations. It’s often on the actual page, either left in the book or taken out as a single page unit. It consists of marking, highlighting or leaving untouched selected words and phrases on a page. The remaining words are then blackened out to varying degrees. 

Altered Book artists often draw and paint on these pages as well which is also what i’ve attempted here with mine. All of my work on this book page makes use of digital technology rather than on the actual page. This has the added advantage of keeping the book intact and unmarked. I’ve used a book that has a copyright of 1922 in it, which as I understand it means the copyright has run out. The book is Gentle Julia by Booth Tarkington. If this is inappropriate use of this page, please let me know and I will take this work down.

I’ve been intending to continue my exploration of this altered book process for some time. I experiment with it periodically off and on and have done so for a number of years. Recently two bloggers have inspired me to take up the challenge again:

Angie Werren on her Feathers blog (here and a number of posts around this one).


Rebecca Killeen-Brown as RKB665 on her blog Windmill. Rebecca gives a succinct explanation of her process in this post.

There are many versions of this process and ways to explore it. Angie uses almost anything that appeals to her as the base from which to explore—including what appears to be washing machine instructions. 

I’ve attempted haiku with my effort here, although I suspect a broader scope of poetry would be a good goal for this process as well. It is a different way to look through words. It’s also way fun as I see it. 

Be fun—Write Haiku or other Poetry every day in April – Aloha


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