Four Un-love ~ For NaPoWriMo Day 10

©13 Unlove 1 sml6x

©13 Fall Empty Unlove 1 sml6x

©13 Abandoned Dreamer Unlove 1 sml6x

©13 Side Street Unlove 1 sml6x






the abandonment of two

the empty color of one

fish market dumpsters

paper cuts on my tongue

it’s all in the wrist

it’s all come undone

the abandonment of one

when once there was two




I fall empty

into an ever spiral

down of alone





abandoned dreamer

left alone in the sunlight

in the undead damp

of fallen vegetation




I park on a side street

nothing is there

all windows are curtained

all doors remain closed

I walk down to a square

into the dark center

empty nothing is there

words on a sign post

welcome to no where

nothing is here

nothing is there

night lingers on into day

I wait for my emptiness

and the nothing to say


Each Digital Drawing and Painting

My response to the National Poetry Writing Month Day 10 prompt “Un-love” on NaPoWriMo—April 2013. 

Be fun—Write Haiku or other Poetry every day in April – Aloha

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