Ku On This: KOT# 018–2013 ~ Grapefruit Table

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Slightly Altered Photograph

Ku On This: Grapefruit Table

Focus: Try writing your haiku without using a gerund (a verb with an “ing” ending such as running, springing etc.) 

A focus example:



the color of garden seeds

in my hand


I have begun to include a “Focus”  along with each prompt, which you are by no means required to follow. If it’s something you want to try, then go for it. I may or may not attempt the focus in my response. 

Ku On This prompts are usually posted once a week on Tuesday or Wednesday—occasionally Thursday (Hawaii Time) or even Friday.

You are welcome and invited to play Ku On This. 

  1. Post your response to the Ku On This prompt on your own blog. 
  2. Click your post title then copy that URL (not the URL to your blog).
  3. Add the URL to your post to the Mr Linky form below by clicking on the Mr Linky button. This will allow people to find your response from the Ku On This prompt post—you can find the work of others from there as well, so please take a look.
  4. A new Mr Linky list is created for each Ku On This prompt.
  5. Add a comment to the Ku On This post when you add your URL to Mr Linky and I will visit your response within the following week. 



Ku On This prompts are intended to explore haiku and of course have fun. In that sense your response to the Ku On This prompt does not have to be in the form of haiga, which I often explore as well. In fact you do not have to write haiku to respond at all.  

How you respond and how your response connects up to the Ku On This prompt is up to you: short form poetry, flash writing, 55 word short story, remembrance writing, shot-gun writing, a photo response, drawing, doodle, digital drawing and painting, watercolor are all fine (a few of the ways you can respond—and have fun).

Information and background for Ku On This can be found by clicking the page link in the navigation bar (above).

Be fun. Write haiku. Aloha

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