Spring Day ~ Haiga for Ku On This KOT #016–2013 ~ Spring Storm

©13 Spring Storm 2 with Haiku 1 sml6x



spring day

along the street

this watercolor


Altered Photograph

My response to Ku On This prompt  #016–2013 ~ Spring Storm.

This haiku does not follow the “Focus” suggested in the KOT #16 prompt of moving line by line from close to further away. However the haiku in my previous post (entitled Pollen Sky) does follow this pattern:


my breath

through the pollen sky

hazy moon


My response is in the form of haiga. Your response to the Ku On This prompt does not have to be in the form of haiga—or even haiku. How you respond and how your response connects up to the prompt is up to you. 

Haiga ~ haiku within image as one work. 

As I see it, both the image and the haiku of haiga should be able to stand alone, independent of each other, each remaining a strong work. Together as haiga, along with a visual balance, they should each offer something new or different to the other—a greater understanding or an alternative perspective possibly.  

In haiga the image should not simply be an illustration of the haiku and the haiku should not simply describe the visual that is apparent in the image. There should however be a connection between the two that is enhanced by their relationship together in the work. This is the ideal I attempt in my haiga. Sometimes I succeed at these things. Sometimes I do not. For me, it is way fun to try. 

Please note again: A response to the Ku ON This image prompt is not necessarily intended to be the haiku of haiga.  This means the haiku response and image do not have to have the same relationship that they would have within haiga. 

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