Nameless Sky ~ Etegami for Carpe Diem #156, Tako (kite)

©13 Nameless Sky 2 sml6x



a gentle wind sky

this nameless blue day

still my childhood


Digital Drawing and Painting

My response to prompt “#156, Tako (kite)” for Carpe Diem ~ March 2013 prompts, which are centered around traditional “kigo” or “season words” for spring.

March on Carpe Diem has been divided up into three different seasons of traditional spring kigo: Early-Spring, Mid-Spring and Late-Spring. Tako (kite) is a Late-Spring kigo. The informative prompt and responses to this prompt can be found on the Carpe Diem Blog.

Etegami is the Japanese Folk Art of writing (which can be haiku but does not have to be haiku) and drawing (with or without color), intended to be sent between friends through a postal service, often as a postcard (although it does not have to be a postcard either). 

This work is now available as a postcard in packets of eight on my 19 Planets Cafepress shop.

Be fun—Write Haiku – Aloha

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