Ku On This: KOT# 015–2013 ~ Concrete Haiku with a Focus (and) a Note

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Altered Photograph

Ku On This: Concrete Haiku

Plus a Focus: Fragment and Phrase

I’ve been snapping a photograph whenever I spot a place I think it would be fun to leave haiku. This broken concrete brick covers a water valve in a yard. I thought it would be fun to leave haiku here in some way. What haiku would you leave here? 

As a point of focus try using fragment and phrase thinking in your haiku this week. You can look it up online if you are not sure what it is (fragment and phrase thinking in haiku). 

One line alone (the first or last line in a three line haiku) is the fragment. The other two lines together make up the phrase part of the haiku. The idea being all three lines wont connect as in a sentence or phrase but they should connect in our mind in some way. That relationship helps to complete the haiku in the reader/viewer mind. 

If you look it up and find helpful information about it, posting a link in the comments for others would be cool.

I’m thinking it might be fun to focus on some aspect of haiku on KOT prompts so that is what this is—a first attempt with this focus idea. Let me know your thoughts on it with this one or after several. 

Ku On This prompts are usually posted once a week on Tuesday or Wednesday—occasionally Thursday (Hawaii Time) or even Friday.

You are welcome and invited to play Ku On This. 

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Ku On This prompts are intended to explore haiku and haiga and of course have fun—however; Your response to the Ku On This prompt does not have to be in the form of haiga—or even haiku. 

How you respond and how your response connects up to the Ku On This prompt is up to you: short form poetry, flash writing, 55 word short story, remembrance writing, shot-gun writing, a photo response, drawing, doodle, digital drawing and painting, watercolor are all fine (a few of the ways you can respond—and have fun).

Information and background for Ku On This can be found by clicking the page link in the navigation bar (above).

Note: My “Lavender Clue” postcard was accepted for publication on Postcards Poems and Prose:

Postcards Poems and Prose connects literature and the visual arts up in a postcard format—you can see it by clicking here. 

Lavender Clue is scheduled to come out tomorrow March 16, 2013.  Take a look and let me know your thoughts. Fun on. Aloha

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