Two Cherrystone Clam Etegami ~ For Carpe Diem #140, Hamaguri (cherrystone clam) Kigo

©13 Cherrystone Clams 2 sml6x



the taste of ocean spring

on my counter


Digital Drawing and Painting

Both of these works are now posted in the 19 Planets Cafepress shop on the postcard page.


 ©13 Go Stones 5 sml6x


hamaguri stones

across the go board

ocean spring


Digital Drawing and Painting

  • 4.5 x 6.5 Inches @ 300 ppi
  • Zen Brush App
  • ArtStudio App
  • ScratchCam App
  • iPad 2
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 6

Hamaguri or cherrystone clams are a (Japanese) kigo or “season word” for spring. They are used in soups and eaten from the shell. The shell of this clam is traditionally used to make the white “stones” for the strategy game of Go, which is a board game played with black and white rounded disk-like stones. 

My response to the prompt “Hamaguri (cherrystone clam)” for Carpe Diem ~ March 2013 prompts. The informative prompt and responses to this prompt can be found on the Carpe Diem a daily haiku meme Blog. 

Be fun—Write Haiku – Aloha

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