Etegami with Haiku ~ Spice or Spices: Sweet Basil Grandmother

©13 Sweet Basil Bunch 1 sml6x


NaHaiWriMo Day 003 – spice or spices


the garage

full of sweet basil



Digital Drawing and Painting

Posted to 19 Planets CafePress as a 4 x 6 postcard.

My third day response to the prompt “spice or spices” for Michael Dylan Welch and his NaHaiWriMo (National Haiku Writing Month) event on Facebook. Prompts can be found in the comment section here.

For some reason my grandmother is coming to light (and aid) on these food prompts—although my mother could too. I like that. 

These are great grandmother memories for me. She didnt drive so her garage was used for all kinds of amazing things. The rafters were sometimes full of lines with bunches of Sweet Basil bundled to dry. She’d collect the little black seeds by rubbing the dried blossoms between her hands and over newspaper. The seeds were then funneled into a jar for the crop to be planted the following spring. Once in a while I was there when she collected and hung the Sweet Basil. Wow. That is such a treat. It was then too. It is even more so now. 

 ©13 Grandmother Sweet Basil 1 sml6x


the garage full of sweet basil grandmother


A second visual version using the same haiku as a one-liner. 

Do you prefer one version over the other? Do you know why? I find reading each ku the meaning shifts slightly between the three-liner and the one-liner.

Etegami ~ words (which can be, but do not have to be haiku) and drawing intended to be sent between friends through a postal service, often as a postcard.

Be fun—Write Haiku – Aloha

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