Etegami ~ About Color

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I think about

colors I want

to work with

laughter sky

fun sea


Digital Drawing and Painting

This is what I would consider (digital) etegami although of course in my own way. Etegami is a traditional (and now modernized) Japanese Folk Art.  Etegami contains both drawing and writing and is intended to be sent easily through the postal service. Most often it is in the form of a postcard however it may also take the form of a letter and envelope. 

Note: The results of the No. 10 International Kukai—Bell (a haiku contest), which is run each month, have been posted on Rita Odeh’s blog Catching The Moment. The invitation and information for the No. 11 International Kukai—Hand (for February) is posted there as well. I have been playing in this Kukai recently and find it fun to see the process and results.

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