Haiga ~ My Book of Haiga; This Is Not That ~ They Are Just Connected

©12 This Is Not That ~ They Are Just Connected; A Book of Haiga


A hardcover copy (in hand) of my Blurb print-on-demand book: This Is Not That ~ They Are Just Connected.

The first 15 pages can be seen here: 



A full size preview can be seen in the Blurb Bookstore here.

This is a small book of 40 pages.  It is 8 x 10 inches with one haiga to a page. The book is available in hardcover or softcover.

Many of the haiga were created in such a way that I can print them as photographs with great results. Those I’ve printed  are 8 x 12 inches and are available by contacting me. 

Some of the haiga are also available through Fotomoto, an online print-on-demand service via my blog on Blogspot: 19 Planets ~ The Access Gallery

Yes, a fun project.  Yes, completing the book took a while (read a year or several—as I’m a slow processor).  It involved a number of starts, ideas and explorations (all of which can be fun as well) to understand how I wanted to go about it and then the time to create the work. However I was then able to pull the book together as it is now in my hand over the month of November 2012.  

With the completion of this book I now have new insights and ideas to explore in future books. Cool on that. 

All in all I’m pleased with this first print-on-demand book and intend to do more—unless of course a publisher wants to undertake some part of this process with me. That would be cool too.  

Aloha and fun on.

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