KOT# 001–2012 ~ Pine Cone Chickadee – The Return of Ku–On–This

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Ku On This: Pine Cone Chickadee


Altered Photograph

Welcome to the return of Ku On This.  . . . .or at least an attempt to ramp up and into Ku On This for 2013.  I think most of the info around Ku On This can be found on the page link in the navigation bar (above on the 19 Planets blog). 

To simplify the rules I will simply adapt—or adopt Flipside Records rules: There are no rules. Create your own words—haiku or otherwise—to the image prompt for each Ku On This.

Currently I’m thinking I may post a Ku On This; Once a Week, Twice a Month or Once a Month—do you have a preference?

Add your response link for the appropriate Ku On This post (not your blog link) to Mister Linky below—it’s easy. A new list is started for each Ku On This. Be sure to place a comment on the 19 Planets blog when you add your link to Mister Linky so I will know and can come see your words/work – Mahalo (thank you).  Aloha.


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