Empty Set ~ November Light – plus A Book


Empty Set


I glance up. read the light.

find the moment. that finds me.

the wall. in the back of my skull.

white. light. filling the empty space.

I begin to pace. I begin to read

a book of images.  dusk and dust

settle. around me bright night.

in the chair. I sleep. the sounds

of autumn. a low murmuring.

from the bamboo wind chimes.

I wake to running water.  rain


the empty chair. I watch into the sky.

the mountains lost in clouds. I search

through doors. an envelope. white.

empty. a stamp in place. words

and letters float throughout the day

across the sunlight in twos and trees.

a nest to call lost dogs and outlaws

home one last time into the golden

mist of myth and once was a dream.


November Light


Digital Mixed Media


Am I disappeared? Gone into my hibernating? No. Not quite. I had it in my mind to see if I could pull a book together with haiga I’ve created this year (2012) by working over the month of November on it. I looked into it and before I realized it I was doing exactly that. I come in to work or post or reply or explore your blog and find myself resolving possibilities and stacking pages together and – heck, just having fun doing what may become this book I sometimes talk about on my blog.

I suspect I’ve let go of the idea that this (first) book (self published) has to be stunning and terrific – which makes it a lot more fun to find out about the process and what I might be able to do in subsequent books. 

That is what a first time exploration often does for me. It opens doors into options and ideas so that I can eventually find what I really want to do – and if that is fun or comes out wow… Yeah, heck yeah, I’ll want to do it again and more and have ideas about how to go about it too – what to tweak and include and explore.

It’s coming together now …although now I’ve also reached a point where the remainder – remains. Still. That is what I’m doing and why I’ve not been here so much this month. Book fun. Fun on. Aloha. 

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