Haiga #02 October 2012 ~ Petals Fade – An Online Experiment


petals fade

an old photograph between the leaves

of a book


Altered Photograph

  • 8.03 x 10.71 Inches @ 300 ppi
  • Nikon D80 Digital Camera
  • PicMonkey (Online Free Image Manipulation)
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 6


Haiga ~ Image with Haiku as One Work


An Online Photo Manipulation Program – or Site: 

Several people have expressed interest in photo manipulation – which of course can include creating haiga with photographs or any other kind of digital image such as digital drawing and painting or photomontage and digital collage.

The poet Angie Werren of This Empty Nest – There Are Two Doors Blog (and other blogs) often uses an online site called PicMonkey to manipulate her images, creating some terrific haiga. She created some great work participating in the 30 Days of Haiga that ended with September 2012. Some of that work was created with PicMonkey. 

I like what Angie does with her images – and of course her haiga as well as her haiku and poetry.  Angie encouraged me to try PicMonkey in one of her comment replies – so i did – and yeah, it was fun.  

PicMonkey was easy to use. Although having some knowledge of photo manipulation programs will help, you can simply experiment and learn too. You can use most any image on your computer. I like using jpg file formats for my images and this works with PicMonkey.

Not having planned before hand I simply went to the site.  I randomly loaded a photo from the photos I have on my computer. It was random (although it doesn’t have to be random) because all I was seeing were the numbers the camera gives to a file as you take a photo. If I had planned I would have noted the file and photo number to select. So I didn’t know what I’d get I just took the first image I clicked on and used that.  

I played with adjustments – however I did not crop or resize (although you can) so the image is not a standard size if I want to print it. I can get around that easily enough by placing it on a larger blank file, printing that and then trimming it as needed. 

The haiku too was spontaneous – as I was just playing and experimenting.  The result is the above haiga.  I liked it, which is why I’m showing it here. 

After I saved the image back to my computer I then tweaked it a little more in my own Photoshop program – mainly adjusting some values, which I could have done on PicMonkey – and adding my copyright chop-like signature.  

You can see what I use to create most of my artwork as I list it beneath the work (below the haiku above) whenever you want to know what I might have used to create the work. 

If you are interested in photo manipulation at no cost give PicMonkey a try. There are a lot of choices and ways you can manipulate an image.  If you look at Angie’s work and then mine you’ll see the work is quite different. Fun. 

If you do something in the next few days – or the month of October 2012 – using PicMonkey and post it to your blog, come add your link here on Mister Linky below and let me know in a comment. I’ll take a look. 

Yes, I’m still not quite caught up with the 30 Days of Haiga links and comments yet, but hey, who waits for life?  I am working on it and I will get there – in the mean time – fun on. – Aloha.

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