September: 30 of 30 Days of Haiga ~ Autumn Cat


a whisper

these footsteps of autumn

along the wall


Altered Photograph


Haiga ~ Image with Haiku as One Work

The September 30 Prompt: Cat Happy

A brief thank you to all who have played, watched and posted about the 30 Days of Haiga Event as it has unfolded. 

For those who’d like  to continue exploring haiga and haiku as well as related forms I encourage you to explore and follow Melissa Allen’s Haikuverse on her Red Dragonfly Blog as well as following those who have participated in this 30 Days of Haiga Event.

For those who played in this event I encourage you to line your haiga up sequentially and take a look. Think about the things you have learned from participating in this month of haiga.  Are there areas you’d like to work on in your haiga? In the way you create your image? In your haiku process? In the way you think about haiga? Are there people creating haiga that you’d like to follow in their work? I encourage you to continue to develop and explore your own esthetic around haiga.  And of course keep creating haiga – and have fun.

As I move into October my plan is to add some of the haiga i’ve created this month to my Access Gallery Blog and to refocus on my dotcom which is shaping up in exciting ways. 

Mahalo (thanks) again for playing. I had fun (and will continue to follow up on the haiga links and comments) and of course I intend to continue creating my own haiga (and other works) too.

Below is all of the prompts for the September: 30 Days of Haiga Event 2012 (in case you missed one and would still like to play):

  • 1. Random and/or Without
  • 2. Father Memories
  • 3. Labor to Rest
  • 4. The New Language
  • 5. Late in the Day
  • 6. A Sail
  • 7. Grandmother Memories
  • 8. Rice and/or Seeds
  • 9. Passion Fruit and/or Peaches
  • 10. Trading Light
  • 11. A Book of Writing
  • 12. Cattle and/or Herds
  • 13. Dark and/or Rich
  • 14. A Band of Stars
  • 15. Dog Days
  • 16. Thunder Day
  • 17. A Return
  • 18. Earth Honor
  • 19. Hook and/or Thorns
  • 20. One Last
  • 21. A World of Peace
  • 22. Autumn/Spring Beginnings
  • 23. Apple Days
  • 24. Dogs and/or Cats
  • 25. Banned Books
  • 26. The Sea and/or Ocean
  • 27. Travel
  • 28. Honey
  • 29. Full Corn Moon
  • 30. Cat Happy 

Today is the last day to (unofficially) create and play in the 30 Days of Haiga Event this year – and you’re still invited to do so.  Here’s how:

  1. Post your September haiga to your blog. 
  2. Bring the URL of your post (rather than the URL for your blog) by clicking the post title and bringing that URL to the 19 Planets blog. 
  3. Click on the Mister Linky Widget button below and add your link to the list. 
  4. Take a look at what others on the list are doing.

30 Days of Haiga is for fun, experience and learning. The more haiga you do the easier it becomes to think in the way of haiga (imo). Post haiga you create for this 30 Days of Haiga month once a day or as often as possible (every day is not required). 

People who create haiga can be found by clicking on the Mister Linky button.

Mister Linky is easy. A new list is started each day. Place a comment on the 19 Planets blog when you add your link to Mister Linky so I will know and can come see your haiga – Mahalo (thank you).  Aloha.

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