Haiga ~ The Dust Days of August – and – The 2nd Moon Viewing Party of the Month is On


spider web
in the dust days of August
a second full moon

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Reminder #1:
You are welcome to join in the 2nd Moon Viewing Party of August 2012 – write, read and/or comment – going on now over on the Haiku Bandit Society Blog.

Reminder #2:
Please join in the 30 Days of Haiga Event here for the entire month of September 2012. Post your new haiga each day on your blog – or as often as you are able to do so. If you use one of the prompts for your Haiga, post that Haiga on the day indicated for the prompt. I will try to post prompts a day or two ahead of the intended day:

for September 1. ~ Random and/or Without
for September 2. ~ Father Memories

If all goes well I may have a Mister Linky URL posting system so you will be able to leave a link to your Haiga on this blog by clicking the button. There will be a button for each day I post here on 19 Planets.

Update #1:
My dotcom overhaul continues to progress. I’m keen to be working on it and hope it will be in a place to go live soon. …of course knowing how I work, soon may be a lot sooner or a lot later than I can imagine. It’s still fun and exciting for me to see how it is coming together at this point. Way fun. and Way exciting.

Fun on and Haiga on too – Aloha

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