Haiga: Moon Travel – and the Moon Viewing Party

island sky

I pack for another


Haiga ~ Image with Haiku as One Work


Slightly Altered Digital Photograph 

Notes, Updates and Away:

Visit and play in the Moon Viewing Party that is going on now at the Haiku Bandit Society blog.  It’s fun and open to all who’d like to join in or just view. 

For the coming week I will be off island.  I may or may not have net connection. So I may or may not be here.  Last week I was preparing for this off island journey (which is actually just to another island) and also working on the update and make over of my dotcom.  

My dotcom renewal continues to progress although it is not up yet. Many of my challenges have been resolved and it’s just a matter of continuing on with the vision.  I am excited about the way it looks and plan to continue when I return.

I am also planning and exploring possibilities for the 30 Days of September Haiga (noted in the previous post). 

The WP Photo Challenge this week is purple. I have a photograph (idea) I want to attempt. I know I will not get to it this week so my intention if possible is to attempt it on my return. 










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