Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside; Haiga ~ Inside a (Music) Book – And 30 Days of Haiga Reminder

bird flight 

inside the sound

of a piano 


Haiga ~ Image with Haiku in One Work

Slightly Altered Photograph

 A Reminder:

For September 2012: The 2nd Annual 30 Days of Haiga

Would you like to join in the month of haiga? Please join in as often as you are able to do so and invite your friends; especially those who create and enjoy haiga...

In September I will attempt to create and post at least one haiga per day for the entire month. I may or may not succeed however the fun is in trying. Please join me as often as you are able to do so.

 No sign-up is required. Simply post your own original haiga that you create for that day: the idea being to create at least one new haiga and post it each day.

 Would you like another way for others to be able to find your haiga? Post in a comment on my blog for the day you create your haiga and add the link URL for your haiga to your comment.

 Take a look at what others do and comment – about what you see or like in their haiga – or what the work makes you think of in your own experience or a memory the work brings up for you. You can of course even story if it comes to you via the haiga.

 The bottom line is of course to have fun creating haiga in your own way and learning how others create too. 

– Aloha

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