Ray Bradbury: Haiga; Commemorative Tribute ~ A 5¢ Faux Postal Stamp

Ray Bradbury has been a long time appreciated writer for me. Although I knew of him before my college days it was in college when I read his short story There Will Come Soft Rains – which floored me at the time. That is the reference I make in the following work and haiku. 

twenty twenty six

the soft rains of August

arrive in silence


Ray Bradbury 5¢ Commemorative Tribute Faux Postal Stamp

Haiga ~ image with haiku as one work. 

Digital Drawing and Painting with Altered Photo Montage

This is an alternate version of the same stamp.  With this version I may actually be able to make a valid domestic (for use within the USA only) postal stamp.  I have not submitted it so I do not know if it would clear the regulations.  

One of the regulations is that a denomination can not be placed on the stamp design itself (because the stamp can be made into a number of different denominations).  That is why I have changed the 5¢ amount to the star.  

On an actual stamp the perforation cuts would not be quite like this either depending on where the stamp was made.

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