Weekly Photo Challenge: Create; Haiga ~ Summer Music Box

whisper breeze

through summer branches

a music box

Haiga ~ image and haiku as one work. 

Altered Scanner Photograph

These are bottle brush (tree) branches.  The tree grows in my yard.  Sometimes I let it grow because I can make use of the long slender branches on various projects (art and garden among other uses).  

When I trim the tree back I save branches of varying lengths and diameters that I think I may want to use.  Sometimes I cut and carve ring patterns into the bark as I’ve done here. The project I had intended for these particular branches ran into some complications and I have not use them – yet.

I’ve had these branches in this state for some time now and I like the way they feel/look. I may yet use them in some project of course.  

Here I’ve made use of them in another way by photographing them with my scanner. This is called scanner photography and I’ve combined the image with haiku to create haiga.

I like to scan objects with some depth as well as texture. When I select a scanner I look for one that has some depth to the area of focus (depth of field) for exactly this purpose.

The depth of field on scanners is quite shallow. Some are less than an eighth of an inch. Some are three quarters of an inch or more. The mechanism of a scanner to capture an image is similar but slightly different from the mechanism of a digital camera to capture an image. It is very specific. Scanners are very limited in the depth of field area but they have a good size surface area that can be in focus. The clarity of that focus can be quite sharp.

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