Weekly Photo Challenge: Close – #2; Haiga ~ Crayon Rose (A Faux Postal Stamp)


the color of summer

on paper

Haiga ~ image and haiku as one work.

Slightly Altered Photograph

I’ve decided that if the mail will not provide stamps (or more and more rarely wont that is) then maybe I should provide some of my own.  Of course many Faux Postal Stamps can be turned into real postage at various On-Demand sites (provided the guidelines, rules and regulations are adhere to – they check on that).  I’ve created these kind of actual postage stamps a number of times but not for some time now.  Still… it may be worthwhile making Faux Postal Stamps again… Okay, Okay,  it’ll just plain be fun – that’s worthwhile in itself.

The mail last Friday (as in the previous post) did not provide a single stamp.  So I’m providing this make up stamp for now. Fun. Again.  Aloha.  

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