Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship; Boots Off (and Update)

friendship ~
with my shoes off

Slightly Altered Photograph

June 14, 2012 Updates:

The dotcom:
The purchase area is being reworked. Again. A couple of systems have been close but still are not meshing right.  Where’s the drawing board?  I may have to go back there again too. Each step is a little closer.  And the drawing board is still fun.

The Little Book of Haiku:
This is mostly on hold for now.  It is still being thought about and worked on in some ways.  Even as I write this, ideas float near by, in the flow at the back of my skull.

Photographs are simply a large resource area for me. I use them in a variety of ways so I take photos at any time with any purpose in mind that the subject suggests. I take the camera with me when I go for almost any walk. The beach last weekend was a walk.  There were boat races.

Digital Drawing and Painting:
This includes daily playing with ideas in several Apps for me.  Recently it’s been around feathers. Again.

In General:
Bamboo cuttings, stones, walks, blossoms and a lot of watering all generate ideas that may show up in my work in some way.

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