Haiga ~ Moon Stone. With The Zen Space and The Moon Viewing Party



a polished


on wild


Haiga ~ image and haiku as one work.

Slightly Altered Photograph


The Zen Space has published the Summer 2012 Showcase – haiku and haiga from around the planet. The theme is centered around “Matsuo Bashō’s famous haiku of the frog’s leap…”.  I am delighted that one haiku and one haiga of mine are in this edition.

Join in, comment and view a haiku Moon Viewing Party.   It’s going on now at the Haiku Bandit Society blog.  You are invited to play in this event which takes place around most full moons (and slightly after).  I often take part in this party – it’s fun.


I am currently making progress on the revamp of my dotcom.  Again. It has now become a revamp of the revamp – however it is looking like this revamp may work.  A “Go Live” date is unknown – however I like the progress. Words are sinking into place and images are being worked into motion.

The small book of haiku is on hold at the moment.  My intention is that it will resume soon.

Aloha into summer.

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