©12 Red Maple Leaf Light


2 thoughts on “©12 Red Maple Leaf Light

    • aloha Artimagica. when i saw how this photo turned out it stopped me in my tracks. really tho… i think that’s the maple tree and the light collaborating to create an amazing moment in the world.

      hey. just a note… because a lonnnnnnng time ago we talked about keys. and i talked about doing some more things focused on keys. so just to let you know, i posted one i did last year after we talked. i was going to wait until i got my Access Gallery set up to post them – but that’s a “when i get to it, i’ll get to it” kind of thing. so… just to let you know – because i am having a very difficult time getting around to blogs for a while now. i havnt forgotten. it’s just a matter of time. aloha.

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