#12 January: Haibun ~ A Dancer and a Prancer


two colts. an April and a May birth now in
January kick up the turf and sand. this near shore
pasture playground for rescued horses and others
that simply need a little extra care. a beautiful care
for a human being to give. because we can give this
to these beautiful creatures. their personality
formed with place and environment as well as the
way they have been treated by the world and other
beings. these two race and prance. they play tag
and nip in a nimble rocking canter. a banter between
them light, challenging and toying to tease each other
on to a faster pace. a race just to feel their own legs
and power, speed and quickness around their grounds,
familiar with confidence in their home and human care

she’s a dancer
and a prancer
fun one

Haibun ~ Words with Haiku.

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