#27 December: Haibun ~ Ancient Amber Light; Fragment from a Dream Journal with Images – December 24, 1988


Dream Fragment: December 24, 1988

…mixing clay bodies… teachers and learners
which is which this one and that one feel good
in this ancient valley no threats. light and caring.
building thin clay bowls the sides of wet clay
translucent following my way this new path
through the thin clay a golden amber light.

winter dawn
an ancient start
the amber light

Haibun ~ Words with Haiku.

Digital Mixed Media

Graphite Drawing (Photographed with iPad 2 Camera From a Dream Journal with Images)
Digital Drawing and Painting
My Sketch App
ArtStudio App
ScratchCam App
iPad 2

This image started with the final page of a dream in one of my dream journals that included drawn images from my dreams as well as word descriptions of the dreams. The “bowl” and some of the lines and words in this image are from that journal.

I’m also using for the first time a new App called “My Sketch”. An App which gives a photo or image the look of a drawing or transfer (the way I first learned to do transfers). I like the “scribbling” look/texture that this app is capable of creating.

There are of course other Digital Drawing and Painting tools, effects and processes used in the creation of this work as well.

The words of the Haibun are not a direct quote but a slightly rephrased/altered version from the last part of the original dream description/writing as I wrote it in my Dream Journal with Images on December 24, 1988.

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