#9 December: Back Pocket Self Reminder


A note from the Pocket and Doing Poem Series: Explore Self

Digital Drawing and Painting
Walter Foster (Learn To Draw) App
ArtStudio App
ScratchCam App
iPad 2

As I see it every thing we create is an exploration as well as a part of us being our self. Writing, dancing, singing, visual art – creating – these things we do (every thing we do) all become part of our self portrait as an individual as well as this group of beings we call human being. What we do is an illumination of our own being – Our own one unique Life – within the context of our greater being human.

In that sense, I think it’s good to be aware that this is what I am doing. To become aware of this life-being-self that I explore through my art – with that as the dominant focus at times. To remember this as I work. Of course, I particularly enjoy doing this with a sense of fun and humor as elements of being human at times too.

The Walter Foster (Learn To Draw) App is one I recently acquired – it is currently free although you can purchase “additional lessons”. One of the things I like about this app is the way it looks and feels – much like graphite.

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