#21 Poem for Your Pocket


Poem for Your Pocket

fold this poem up
place it in your pocket
carry it with the seasons
watch it from time to time
to see if it ages in beauty

from time to time open it up

become the color of butterflies
each spring

butterfly colors
become the brilliant blossoms
of summer

blossom petals
become the leaves that fall
in the colors of autumn

the colors of autumn
become the light snowflakes
of winter

folding this poem
into your pocket

the seasons of life


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I’ve been working on a chapbook for the month of November, following prompts by Robert Lee Brewer on the Writer’s Digest site. Each day a new prompt.

Occasionally I have other ideas about writing as well. The above work is one of these other ideas. It falls into what I’m beginning to think of as “Doing Poems“. I like the idea although I’m not sure yet where it may be going.

At times I carry photos in my pockets (along with an assortment of other things) to “age” the photos – part of the process I use for artworks on paper, such as collage and mixed media works. It is that process along with the chapbook idea that led me to this thinking of “Doing Poems”.

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